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i hope some animal never bores a hole in my head and lays its eggs in my brain, because later you might think you're having a good idea but it's just eggs hatching.

i can hear sounds. hear sounds with my ears. i heard these sounds with them before;
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a rubber fish wallet, a stolen mannequin hand, anchor tattoos, attack ferrets, attempts to be clever, bacon, battery operated robot leaders, beets, being a pirate, being a raving derelict, being covered in bees, being in a nest, being named thor, being random, ben folds five, bob seger, bowie, burlap lamps, cheese, cleanliness, clive owen’s voice, clothes washing sauce, coca-cola lifeblood, condoman, coning people from cars, danielle's narcoleptic adventures, defender of the galaxy, delicious cups of tea, disco dancing super mario, douglas coupland, dove the waiter, dreaming you're a midget, drinking my face off, dry pants, dual yemenese/easter island citizenship, eating all the food, eating people for reals, eddie izzard, eugene hutz, evil muppets only, fart show carnival, filmed spontaneous human combustion, finding stuff, food ideas, free lobotomy, free shopping cart!, free teeth!, ghostbusters, glasses of pie, glowing in the dark, gluing stuff to stuff, gogol bordello, going blind on film, having street cred, hawksley workman, hockey, honest eds, huge manatease, ikea, implosions not explosions, inflatable cows, jen's hilarious family, john singer sargent, johnny depp oh man, kevin costner’s butts, kevin smith movies, labyrinth, lamps that are nutso-boingo, laziness, legitimate crazy people, leopold the beet god, live muzac gatherings, lord of the rings, m. beehive, madmax of the rings, mantracker, marrying bill murray someday, marrying wes anderson someday, medium bob, melvis the mermaid elvis, microwave turkey, minions, mitch hedberg, monkeys that molest, monty python's hilarity, mustaches, my eyeballs hurt, my livingroom cold war, naked bathroom break-in stories, naps after waking up, non-slimy feet, not making any sense, nyquil during the day, oeoieok who vame ouyt, ordinary pie, pantsless night cuddling, parf barties, part farties, piercings, pirates, platypus of doom, pointing and laughing, pressies, psychic petting zoo llamas, pulp, radiohead, random wetsuits, ranting with gibberish, riding the short bus, robot voice changers, rollercoasters, scary staring pez, sexing the sexy sex, silverchair, speaking in gibberish, spontaneous instantaneous mutation, squishing my gimbals, staying up all night, stealing pylons, swiss chalet, taking coats to bathrooms, talking about space a-lot, talking like a pirate, talking on the yelemaphone, terrifying the common folk, the cross-eyed kitty, the eels, the evil left, the freaky evil bandit, the harry potter movies, the new batman movies, the simpsons, tim burton movies, toronto maple leafs, typwriquo, udney, vancouver canucks, watching bad movies, watching good movies, wearing helmets, wearing lotsa brown, wearing this ridiculous hat, weezer, wes anderson movies, wrong informated, yaks named quincy, yay! free moon!, you_cant_all_fit_into_that_taxi, your mom!, zombies that eat people