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umboula [userpic]

quick quick quick

March 3rd, 2010 (08:48 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: ooh la la
muzacs: silverchair - if you keep losing sleep

probably i will just say something quick cos i do wanna make a real post with pictures of the olympics and stuff, but wow.
seriously, just fucking wow.

i know we started out a bit rough there, but this city really pulled it off. and even the transit was not a total nightmare (outside of downtown anyway, which was a circus.)
so much excitement! basically vancouver threw a huge ass 2 week long party and invited the world, had some shows, had some sporting events, and it was awesome.

i miss it. the red and white and yelling and excitement. the random o canada's on the train, stranger hi 5's over BOBSLEIGH?! haha! its like a ghost town now, all sleepy and quiet.


what a damn experience it was man. wow.
pictures and stories to come i promise.


so yeah, we won's that hockey gold, and set that most golds ever record and it was basically the best part of my LIFE! wooooot!

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