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umboula [userpic]

quick quick quick

March 3rd, 2010 (08:48 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: ooh la la
muzacs: silverchair - if you keep losing sleep

probably i will just say something quick cos i do wanna make a real post with pictures of the olympics and stuff, but wow.
seriously, just fucking wow.

i know we started out a bit rough there, but this city really pulled it off. and even the transit was not a total nightmare (outside of downtown anyway, which was a circus.)
so much excitement! basically vancouver threw a huge ass 2 week long party and invited the world, had some shows, had some sporting events, and it was awesome.

i miss it. the red and white and yelling and excitement. the random o canada's on the train, stranger hi 5's over BOBSLEIGH?! haha! its like a ghost town now, all sleepy and quiet.


what a damn experience it was man. wow.
pictures and stories to come i promise.


so yeah, we won's that hockey gold, and set that most golds ever record and it was basically the best part of my LIFE! wooooot!

umboula [userpic]

the gong show approacheth

February 9th, 2010 (09:38 pm)
muzacs: gogol bordello vs. tamir muskat - last wish of the bride

well, the olympics are upon us. eeek.
i am as terrified as i am excited. the city is going to be a gong show mess and transit will be a nightmare. but there is a bunch of free concerts and stuff, and its going to be an EXPERIENCE and so on friday we're gonna go downtown and try and watch the opening ceremonies on a screen down there or something. should be wicked.

inward eye gots a free music show here and so i might mosey on down to that and check em out. some others are playing as well and so that should be rad. and did i mention its FREE! to top it off i found out today that due to family day being like a real thing in ontario i get work off (cos i can't work if ontario is closed, they rule canada dontcha know.) so yeah. its gonna be a day of watching events on TV and maybe trying to brave the mobs and checking some junk out or whatever. i guess i should take a million pictures, else my mother destroy me.

on a NON olympic note (cos we have those sometimes still) finally toronto managed to evict jason blake and poor poor vesa toskala. another man the leafs broke. poor guy. on one hand he sucked as a leaf big time, but on the other the leafs sucked infront of him. i deep down hope he comes back and is like mega main goalie awesome guy or something. just for lols. plus side js giguere is a GOALIE and we scored some half crazed caveman who ain't play so good lately. but i guess is phaneuf is just not a total tard i will be okay with it. i just... don't like him man!

and on one more note, it seems as though i got this comment the other day. a response to a post from a while ago stating
"your life is so boring, why do you even bother writing about it? to show
people what a life NOT worth living is all about?

writing about your laundry and cat barf and what hour of the day you sit
on the can does not make for a fascinating read.

if i had your life, i would have killed myself long ago.

and i thought to myself, well... i think i'm awesome. and it seems i have a nemesis or something now and all the cool folk have em. besides, it was a fascinating enough read for you to go through and then comment so i'm obviously doing something right! it was of course posted by an anonymous person and so i have no way to tell who it was that's even hatin yo. figures. ah well, secret nemesis it is. OOOH! i feel like harvey birdman!

and on that note i am off to watch DEATH RACE and fall asleep. and i mean that seriously cos i have the jason statham love. he's all tiny and a former olympic diver and stuff. plus, the film does deliver what it promises. there is death, and there is race. the end.

umboula [userpic]

we're having a modo party at the kool haus, we will drive our volvols and then go to ikea yeah?

January 17th, 2010 (12:38 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: excited for ikea!
muzacs: pulp - live bed show

so stuff happened, yes.
not much really so yeah.

on friday i went to katies and had mexican night. we had fajitas and drinks and stuff. i decided to go authentic and drink mexican beer, which by the way is the worst idea in the history of ideas. that stuff is NASTY! i wish i didn't buy it, but i have to reap what i sow and i will finish the last sol. i will, eventually.

yesterday i washed some laundry and then val, sean, jen, tams and maine came over to watch the canucks penguins game. i like 6-2 wins, even if they come at the expense of a goalie who one time played 6, count em 6, WHL GAMES before.

today is ikea day! jen and jeff are going, and cos we were talking about it last night, invited me to go too.
i'm gonna buy a coffee table, and a thinger for shoes and recycling. and if it fits, a bookshelf too. but mostly a coffee table, as we have been table-less since new years (or maybe even a bit before that).

in other hockey news, the leafs played a perfect game against the flyers last week and toskala pulled a 38 save shutout out of his arse. i called it backwards land, but its okay cos they played the very next day and lost like 6-1 so that was regular leafs again.
ugh, they're so painful to watch this year it really hurts. more than years before.

on a totally unrelated note, these caramel brule lattes from starbucks are pretty good, if you order them half sweet, with soy and an extra shot of coffee. mmmm... or maybe i like the toffee flakes on top. yum!

well kiddos, i'm almost outta here to go buy furniture and probably eat some meatballs! whee!
jen was right, ikea toatally is toys 'r' us for adults!
who'd a thunk buying furniture would be so fun!

also unrelated, god i love pulp. something about jarvis cocker's voice just gets me. *sigh*

umboula [userpic]

babble babble babble que?

December 29th, 2009 (07:55 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: happy happy joy joy
muzacs: hockey intermission sounds

so... my hat fell on the floor, the cat barfed in the hat, i put the hat on my head... there's not a part of that sentence that wasn't terrible. side note; warshin' mah hat. mrrr.

other note, i had me a super christmas thanks for asking. i wasn't able to go see my family, so i hobo'd again with jen's family. it was pretty rad! jen and i hung out on christmas eve day and watched futurama and ate hobo sandwiches (mine had was one slice ham, cheese, half a wilty green onion, and PICKLES!) wasn't half bad either!
when jeff got home we drove on out to the ridge where there was boozes and grinch, although not on vhs which is sad.
then came sleep.
then came awake and stockings! i didn't have one, but everyone got some pretty ridiculous stuff, including UNINTENTIONAL MATCHING! which i love. then came coffee and eggs benedict and mimosas! mmm... the adding of orange juice to champagne (pronounced CHAMP-AGG-KNEE).
then PRESSIES! i got so many of stuffs from mom and ashley and jen and jimm and sylvia. i got :
so many of socks and undies. eeeeeeee!!
a huge purse big as my torso, which i effing love
a box of oma baked shortbread that survived being ups'd and were DELICIOUS I AM EATING THE LAST ONE NOW NOM NOM NOM
creepshow dvd, which i haven't seen and looks AMAZINGLY RAD
lotion that smells like nog (minus the egg) SO YUMMY!
some incense oil that smells like laundry, which makes me wanna die it smells so good.
some face cleaner/care stuff which works real good and i need only a TEENY TINY amount
candy to add to my horde (which contains 3 different kinds of black liquorice!)
a moo cow patterened dish washing brush (wtf hahaha?!)
$150 of dollars
and a 4 pack of bad sci-fi, which contain both kristy swanson and luke perry in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT movies.

then i ate my weight in food, and hung out with jen's fam, and then ate more food. then ate the pumpkin cheesecake with white chocolate chips and toasted almonds and it was GOOOOOD. then IAIN CAME OVER and the whole bunch of us played apples to apples, which is fun! and inappropriate!
then i came home and SLEEPED.

boxing day i did nothing but watch hockey which was the best ever! sunday katie mah friend from work came over and we got stoned and watched (not watched) ghostbusters. i made a DELCIOUS dinner of rosemary/lemon pepper pork tenderloin and i stuffed it with garlic on the inside, i did roasted garlic and white cheddar mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus, and best of all HOLLANDAISE! and holy crap it was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

then after all that i had to go back to work and all i wanna do is eat more food.

anyway, yeah. that's that.

on a random side note; man i like them vitamin water thinger drinks. wow. they're like watery juice (i always ALWAYS add water to my juice) and they're fuckin tasty man. i really like the fruit punch one and the acai pomegranate blueberry one. the rest are okay, but those 2 are super good.

that's it, i'm outta words and the hockey period #3 is gonna start in a sec.

umboula [userpic]

tams and dickmaine, you make a good cookie!

December 20th, 2009 (05:16 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: so filled with cookies still
muzacs: gomez - love is better than a warm trombone

so, friday was the work-related christmas party and it was not too much of a gong show like i thought it would be, but then again i found a bunch of drink tickets and also had at LEAST three more drinks than intended. haha, you know how it goes. the thinger was in richmond too, and like what the hell is that all about? who the heck wants to party it up THERE?! not i. plus taking the train downtown and then to the end, and to go back to go all the way downtown and then to metrotown? lame man. luckily we were walking toward brighouse and asim, one of my co-workers gave us a lift. woot!

so then i went home and slept and then woke up and made so hungover peanut butter SKOR cookies. they were delicious! we had the cookies exchange of doom at tamsmobile's house and there were so many of cookies. most notably chocolate chip and BACON cookies! holy man! everyone was eating, even balthazar the snake, but he has the stupid and eats like a tard, see:

ain't he sweet!
anyway, then we watched this movie called Santa's Slay and it was SO RAD and so bad. basically about EVIL santa killing instead of being friends with everyone. and also mason raymond is there and so happy to be wearing a flin flon hockey jersey and good vs. evil is sorted out with a curling match OF DOOM! basically amazingly terrible. a new holiday tradition i think! anyway, the cookies were good and stuff and i have so many left and also i think i have diabetes now probably from it, but they were good.

soon i am on my way over to my friend trevor's place for tacos and beer and hockey. should be good, especially since we've been trying to get together for a while now.

speaking of, so toronto played the bruins last night and did not have epic fail! infact, from the only part of the game i saw they played rad man. jonas gustavsson played the crap out of that goal and scored himself a shutout. and happy birthday matty stajan, whammy! but its cool, he'll look totally badass now with that face cut! still think that duder left his feet when he hit stajan but he was fine and finished the game. YAY! oh swedish goalie boyfriend, you be so good, please continue on with this cos toskala makes my soul hurt sometimes, i just want him to be good is all. *sigh*

anyway, that's that. mostly this was a ploy to post that snake picture and talk about chocolate chip and bacon cookies. mmm...

umboula [userpic]

free hat free hat! but actually it cost me 11 dollars

December 11th, 2009 (03:45 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: wearing a hat (thats a mood!)
muzacs: les champs élysées - joe dassin

so maybe just now i was all standing in the living room mowing down on some kraft dinner wearing this ridiculous hat that i like to wear in the winter, even inside.

see how awesome this hat is;

yep. so anyway, i felt pretty canadian eh, just standing there in this hat and stuff. i'm not allowed to wear this hat at work, its UNPROFESSIONAL. ebay used to let me wear this hat, and in fact ENCOURAGED it even! it was ya know, ta shut me up on account of me being a big fat loudmouth.

i started re-watching dexter from the start, cos this season is SO GOOD and there is only one more episode and that is terrible. i'm gonna have to wait a while for a new one. anyway, i forgot how damn good even season 1 is with the ice truck killer and stuff. holy man holy man.

so yeah. mostly i just wanted to talk about how awesome my hat is.
oh, and also mention that unintentionally i ended up wearing all of jen's old clothes today haha. her jeans, an ugly button down she gave me last week, and even an old tank top she gave me a while back. what the hell. only my socks, undies, and shoes were my own. and also my hat.

sorry addendum to previous entry, i also want to talk about this. this soup. someone brought this can of soup into my work to donate to the needy. but seriously, this is the sketchiest soup i have ever seen in my life, like i feel afraid just thinking of it, let along opening and subsequently consuming said soup. see fer yerself:

umboula [userpic]

i can hear sarcastic pants

December 6th, 2009 (12:48 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: caffeinated!!
muzacs: kula shaker - tattva

so that phil guy or whatever wasn't very good last night. freaking 7-0 until the last 2 minutes, but i guess thanks guys for not getting shut out i suppose.

they played well enough their last games, but i guess they just suck too much to ACTUALLY have a winning streak. plus joey macdonald is not actually that good a goalie and lets be honest, as pretty as vesa toskala is he's equally as bad a goalie these days. and he's very very pretty.

one my swedish goalie's heart is done being asplode can we go back to winning a game please that part was fun.

also unrelated but jen gave to me an ugly button down that i am wearing and it is amazing and so ugly and i love it, so thanks jen.

um... i am using the internets? woo hoo? i avoid these tubes cos like... what the hell do i know right? but i guess using the internets is the wave of the future and i should stop being a luddite or something. right? i don't know. what i do know is that i want a cola and i want to see the FANTASTIC MR FOX but who will go with me and when? cos its my boyfriend wes and i haven't seen it yet and i feel like a failure in a way okay?

i feel wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy whack about it. the end.

umboula [userpic]


December 2nd, 2009 (10:13 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: stoned on NYQUILSSSS
muzacs: ben folds - you to thank

i took a bunch of myquils a little bit ago and i'm all loopy on em and stuff so lets sit down and talk some hockey eh?

lets get it out there, the leafs started off SO BAD. like i could barely even watch it bad, but ya know lately they've looked pretty okay. goaltending is an issue but up front, and even now defensively they look sound.
they've played .500 hockey november til now, they won 3 of their last 4, and they really did play their best game of probably the last 2 years the other night against the habs. how great was it by the way to watch those habs get smashed like that in their building with the stanley cup and the grey cup in the house? hahaha! losers!

but yeah, there's been a turn around of sorts guys. phil kessel is the guy that started it too man. i kept my mouth shut on this one for a long time, cos it was such a STUPID TRADE if it didn't work. and toronto is keen on stupid trades (ya remember that time we were like dear ny islanders? have a draft pick that will be roberto luongo and we want wendel back okay yes please?) but yeah, this phil guy or whatever can skate, he can pass, he can score many goals and hes a joy to watch. that end to ender last week was a thing of beauty! i am still gonna make jokes about winning the draft lottery and not having a first round pick but that's me.

oooh and my boyfriend tomas kaberle replied to his last ballsy season with this wonderful points monster season and my hockey poll says thanks! but any one who knows me knows how i love kaberle anyway. i call him the fancypants. always. cos of his fancypants passing and skating. yeah, so anyway... ian white remains underrated and komisarek is pretty okay when he plays simple. schenn started out atrocious but he's like 14 so he will mature and it looks like he's working on it.

the hag-man (as i call him) has been pretty rad too man. he's got a great quick wrist shot that he's been USING THIS SEASON FINALLY! so thats nice. but okay, grabovski GET OFF MY TEAM YOU CLOD!! seriously? where is your sense man?! this kids got all the skill in the universe but what a retard man. has no idea what the hell to do out there. ugh.

but goaltending. yes, we get to it. goaltending. vesa... what the hell? you injurybag! either you and sami salo are made from the same balls glass (PUN INTENDED HAHA) or you're a baby or you're a faker. buck up man! i've seen you play like the wind dude, you've stood on your pretty pretty head and played the crap out of that goal. you're a small guy, so DON'T HANG BACK IN THERE you fool! go forth and sneer at em. ain't nothing like the stare down of a half-crazed finn.
and jonas, you're my swedish goaltending boyfriend, but a bit dodgy on the heart? didn't really see that one coming. they assured me they mended your broken heart before and now it breaks again? you're too sensitive, but i will forgive you because you are the monster and i have such hopes in you. a big goaltender who moves well scross the net and has style and poise and confidence! yay! just waiting for you to ripen into my #1 and for your heart to stay okay. like seriously what is this goalie curse?!

as soon as these guys get well... i think we might have a chance maybe to play some hockey. its not gonna be a pretty year but its not so bad at this point that we have to toss it away right?

wow. nyquil makes me some kind of optimist or something. haha!

also vancouver did a thing where they beat new jersey 5-2 and i liked it. now if they can beat the fuckballs outta philly tomorrow i will be a happy steph. i friggen hate those guys. bunch a goons man, bunch of goons.
but aside from that bobby-lou looked good in goal. vancouver's been playing good hockey these days too.
i find myself splitting alot of time now between these teams, except for when they meet and a thing always happens that is terrible but i cheer for toronto anyway. but yeah, roberto looked good, better than brodeur and that's cool. vying for olympics tonight.

its funny to think how deep the canadian talent pool is vs the usa. the usa is like we got these guys for sure, and maybe a few more. canada is like uh... anyone can go. like, regular uncle jim can do and do well probably. how do you choose for canada?

anyway, that's probably enough babbling i'm gonna go watch that show fringe that pacey from dawson's creek is on. valtron told me to watch it its like the x-files and its good and i like it. and maybe i have a crush on pacey, but i did when he was on the dawson and i'm not ashamed of that.

one last thing, it occurs to me that valtron tells me to watch some things on tv from time to time and they always end up being things i like very much like fringe, true blood and FRIGGEN AWESOME DEXTER (holy hell how good is this season with john lithgow in it wowowow) so thanks val! babbblebabbbleNYQUILSSSSSSSSS

umboula [userpic]

so many of naps

December 1st, 2009 (05:38 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: plague riddled
muzacs: decemberists - here i dreamt i was an architect

i went to work today cos i was starting to feel better but then i didn't. oh man did i ever not feel better. i was going strong until i ate some chicken soup and then i basically wanted to die. i was sitting at my desk staring ahead in my cubicle and just pouring sweat. people kept coming by and telling me how terrible i looked (by the way, thanks guys. real nice) and so i basically escaped to a doctorb.

it was neat, they made me put on one of those SARS masks and i don't know how people wear those things man. all that hot sweaty breath, it made my eyes fog up. what the hell?

anyway, the doctorb came in and asked me like a bajillion questions and i kept forgetting everything, like all the words i needed and just kinda said words at him until he took my temperature. which was 100.8. he listened to me breathe for like 5 minutes and then had me try and cough, which then i couldn't stop. he asked me alot of questions about my poop, and seemed unhappy with all my answers (understandably). then he jabbed around my stomach until i almost barfed on him and finally handed me a note and promptly bathed himself in sanitizer. he then walked across the room and told me to sanitize before i left.

the note told me "i am unfit for working until december 4"
unfit. seriously.

so... plague. its not the swine for reals, but i am going to call it swine jr. or piglet flu?

umboula [userpic]

i have to go home today, i seem to have contracted the plague

November 30th, 2009 (10:00 am)

how ya feeling bucko?: SWINE FLUESS B+OH NOES!!!11
muzacs: dandy warhols - hard on for jesus

ugh. so i have been sick with demons for the weekend. its my own stupid fault though. you see, a friend of mine from work was all "I HAVE THE SWINES H1N1 BLARGHGSSS!!!" and then went home one day.
she was pretty sick, but in the end it was not with swine flu, just regular kind. but in any case i visited her to bring foods and movies because i am a nice guy and people with the flu should watch the lost skeleton of cadavra so i brought that over, and then on friday morning i started coughing a bit. by the end of friday i was a cough bag. by saturday i was a plague zone. coughing, fever, chills, sweats, body aches, overwhelming need to sleep for 20 hours. but oh god sleeping just means waking up in various cold sweats/regular sweats. man... so much sweaty sick person sleep. i feel like i should just lysol my whole house today, but i don't believe in anti-bacterials for the most part so i won't. we need bacteria to becomes immune to things, i like immunity its neato.
but i feel better today! a bit better, not all better. its still going to be a couch/pyjamas/tea/juice/soup day but i might venture outside to get some fresh air even at some point. i haven't left my plague couch except to go to bed.
i feel superbad though cos tamsmobile slept on my plague couch on saturday night and now she has the plague too :(
i didn't wanna pass this fucker on if i could help it.

on the plus side my body doesn't hurt so much anymore. man my body was so weak and sore. so useless. BE GONE SICK DEMONS! BE GONE!!

oh also my boss called me and was like OH NOES YOU HAVE THE SWINES DONT COME TO WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE DOCTORS NOTE AGGGHH!!! and i was like, no its only regular flu not swines i promise. she's worried about her kids i think gettin' swine, but its not swine. i told her i would be in tomorrow probably and she didn't sound happy cos i think she still thinks its swine and is all paranoid that i'm gonna swine up the office. but hey! today i am sitting here and not dying on a couch, and that means i am getting better. and swine flu isn't a 4 day thing. thats a regular one.

okay, rambling over.
end transmission.

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