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December 29th, 2009 (07:55 pm)

how ya feeling bucko?: happy happy joy joy
muzacs: hockey intermission sounds

so... my hat fell on the floor, the cat barfed in the hat, i put the hat on my head... there's not a part of that sentence that wasn't terrible. side note; warshin' mah hat. mrrr.

other note, i had me a super christmas thanks for asking. i wasn't able to go see my family, so i hobo'd again with jen's family. it was pretty rad! jen and i hung out on christmas eve day and watched futurama and ate hobo sandwiches (mine had was one slice ham, cheese, half a wilty green onion, and PICKLES!) wasn't half bad either!
when jeff got home we drove on out to the ridge where there was boozes and grinch, although not on vhs which is sad.
then came sleep.
then came awake and stockings! i didn't have one, but everyone got some pretty ridiculous stuff, including UNINTENTIONAL MATCHING! which i love. then came coffee and eggs benedict and mimosas! mmm... the adding of orange juice to champagne (pronounced CHAMP-AGG-KNEE).
then PRESSIES! i got so many of stuffs from mom and ashley and jen and jimm and sylvia. i got :
so many of socks and undies. eeeeeeee!!
a huge purse big as my torso, which i effing love
a box of oma baked shortbread that survived being ups'd and were DELICIOUS I AM EATING THE LAST ONE NOW NOM NOM NOM
creepshow dvd, which i haven't seen and looks AMAZINGLY RAD
lotion that smells like nog (minus the egg) SO YUMMY!
some incense oil that smells like laundry, which makes me wanna die it smells so good.
some face cleaner/care stuff which works real good and i need only a TEENY TINY amount
candy to add to my horde (which contains 3 different kinds of black liquorice!)
a moo cow patterened dish washing brush (wtf hahaha?!)
$150 of dollars
and a 4 pack of bad sci-fi, which contain both kristy swanson and luke perry in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT movies.

then i ate my weight in food, and hung out with jen's fam, and then ate more food. then ate the pumpkin cheesecake with white chocolate chips and toasted almonds and it was GOOOOOD. then IAIN CAME OVER and the whole bunch of us played apples to apples, which is fun! and inappropriate!
then i came home and SLEEPED.

boxing day i did nothing but watch hockey which was the best ever! sunday katie mah friend from work came over and we got stoned and watched (not watched) ghostbusters. i made a DELCIOUS dinner of rosemary/lemon pepper pork tenderloin and i stuffed it with garlic on the inside, i did roasted garlic and white cheddar mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus, and best of all HOLLANDAISE! and holy crap it was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

then after all that i had to go back to work and all i wanna do is eat more food.

anyway, yeah. that's that.

on a random side note; man i like them vitamin water thinger drinks. wow. they're like watery juice (i always ALWAYS add water to my juice) and they're fuckin tasty man. i really like the fruit punch one and the acai pomegranate blueberry one. the rest are okay, but those 2 are super good.

that's it, i'm outta words and the hockey period #3 is gonna start in a sec.